A little about me...

​I call myself a writer, but I've always been a storyteller. I think to be human, to have friends, to have family, to live, is to communicate. So, we are all storytellers - reporters of life - whether we realize it or not. At some point my storytelling took a more serious turn when I penned my first tale at what I can only remember being a young age. And I guess at that point, I became a writer.


Of course, to go beyond simply writing in a journal or finishing an essay for class credit is to come face to face with an audience that may or may not embrace what you have to share. When they do, you get paid. When they do not, you struggle not just to put food on the table, but to figure out why you didn't make an impression with the world in the way you had hoped.


Over the course of my short professional career, I've had the pleasure of finding and connecting with various audiences via travelogues, television writing, and more recently the publication of my first novel. I created this website to share a little about what I'm up to. The photographs are all mine, just like the prose. I hope it inspires.




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