Human Divinities

"Heaven on Earth" Rio de Janerio, Brazil, 2015 I was recently asked by a member of the congregation at the church I attended when I was growing up, to write a little something to honor the generosity of a wonderful couple, John and Linda Holland, who have worked in the children’s ministry there for over 25 years. I thought of writing something specific about the afternoons I spent with the Hollands learning to stencil from Linda or helping John brush up on his card tricks. But, the following came to me instead, and I think it speaks to the way we all feel about some adult (or adults) from our childhood whose attention inspired us as youngsters and which we’ve carried with us far beyond the c

Crazy In Love

"Walk With Me" Lancaster, California, 2015 Over the weekend my mom reminded me of a quote that has always resonated with me – “A relationship is only as healthy as the sickest person in it.” We were talking about how people who are out of control can begin to make even the most sane person crazy. But if you love the person who’s going through a case of the crazies, when do you decide to detach and walk away and when do you stay and fight? Years ago, one of my sisters and I had an afternoon that was so special that to this day neither of us have forgotten it. We were up at one of the manufacturing buildings on our family farm playing a game of basketball. It was a perfect afternoon, big cloud

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