On The Road

"Heartless" San Francisco, California 2015 Driving through California Under an aperatus sky Dust tones as complex as any ejaculated green Here I ride in a devil's heaven Humbled over and over by nature Inside and outside my life and death Constantly carrying on like my will against Yours The only peaceful moments Pure white sheets swelling in a breeze Dangling from a couple hurried clothes pins Blinding light refracting off irises Turning traces of blue into infinite topaz Reminding us to slow down the speed up And then folded and put away before suppertime

The Good Fight

"The Best Days" Indio, California 2015 When I was a little kid right and wrong were so clear to me: Don’t play with fire – that’s wrong. Be nice to your sisters – that’s right. Don’t pull the dog’s tail – that’s wrong. Do your chores – that’s right. Everything seemed very cut and dry, black and white. And if my sisters and I had a fight, verbal or otherwise, there was usually always someone in the wrong and someone in the right, and we were forced to tell each other we were sorry accordingly. Even more important, we were forced to make up. In a way that was - and is - the beauty of family to me. When conflict rears its head, there’s essentially no escaping without some kind of resolution. Wh

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