Newsflash of the Soul

"Lightness/Darkness" Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania 2015 When I was a kid, I was raised believing a certain way — the way my parent’s believed. Being as I was homeschooled on a farm in the middle of Missouri, I can’t say there was much in the way of available contradictory facts that might have caused me to question the beliefs I was raised with… Well, no real facts except one MASSIVE one. I was gay. And my parent’s were conservative Christians. And according to them and all their friends and all my friends (at the time) the general feeling was that I was a sinner and going to hell for my homosexuality. Now this is a heavy burden to place on a kid at any age, but regardless I tried my best to b

I am a Watchman

"Christmas Moon" Serengeti National Park, Tanzania 2015 I am convinced there are only two types of capital in this world — one of currency and one of intelligence. Currency can be handed down from generation to generation and traded for all kinds of goods including the attempt to gain intelligence. However, intelligence itself can only be possessed by the individual who has decided to seek it out and propagate it. Most people in this world attempt to achieve the capital of currency and in doing so leave all kinds of destruction in their wake. They build industry big and small on the backs of others who have neither much currency or intelligence to defend themselves. And why shouldn't they? G

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