About That Election

"PCH Sunset" Gaviota, California 2017 Since the Presidential election on November 8th, I’ve wanted to express my thoughts on what went down, but I’ve had so many different feelings about the outcome, it’s been hard for me to distill into one post what I should articulate. To begin with, I think what happened was devastating in the sense that Donald Trump’s values, and in fact, the values of the GOP do not represent the values of the majority of Americans. Most Americans are not liars and don’t condone lying as a way of doing business or politics. We are not racists. We aren’t homophobes or sexists or xenophobes. Still, Trump won because of the power of the electoral college via rural areas a

The Real Thing

"Always" Coachella, California 2016 I never knew what it felt to be alive until I met you. I had experienced life in fits and starts, but always with some string attached. So much of the world loves us for what we represent to them and the moment we choose not to represent that thing or cannot represent it any longer, we fade from their affection. With you, this has never been the case, and no matter how I may evolve as a person, I know this never will be the case. You see me as the being I am, an evolving entity that changes and grows outward while simultaneously rooted in the same spot. I don’t know how we got to this point. I don’t know how I came to see you as I see no one else in this w

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