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"Mission" Solvang, California 2018 It was seven gay guys in a hot tub on a Saturday night drinking wine and shit talking about anything and everything when the subject came up — another friend had recently committed suicide. That made three friends gone just this year. All of them handsome, sweet guys with whom we had laughed and partied and whom we sincerely adored. And each passing came as a complete and total shock. And perhaps it would be one thing if this story was just relegated to people I know who have taken their lives. But the truth is, it’s happening everywhere. Suicide is up 30% over the last ten years in America. One person dies of suicide every twelve minutes: Poor people. Rich

Battles, Kings, and Elephants...

"Redwood" Silver City, California 2019 Your drunkenness is so sweet to me that it intoxicates me. You are breathing gently. You are alive. I would like to move over to your side of the world, see into your dreams. Are you dreaming of a white, fragile lover over there so far away? Of a childhood, a lost palace? I know I don’t have a place there; none of us will have a place there. You are closed in like a shell. It would be so easy, though, for you to open up, a tiny crack where life could rush in. I can guess your fate. You will remain in the light, they will celebrate you, you will be rich. Your name, immense as a fortress, will hide us in its shadow. They will forget what you have seen her

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