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"Obrigado" Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2015

I’ve been wanting to post on this blog for the last couple weeks or so, but I’ve been too busy to commit pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard). Alas, I felt like something needed to be shared of where my heart and head are in the first blushes of this new year, especially after having returned from the life changing trip that was my visit to Rio. When I read the poem I’ve posted below, I realized it spoke for the state of my spirit, both in South America and now returned, better than maybe I could have spoken for myself. And the truth is, sometimes somebody else can indeed say it better. So, in the absence of my own verbiage, I share my marrow with you via the undeniably masterful poetry of St. John of the Cross.


In the delicious night,

In privacy, where no one saw me,

Nor did I see one thing,

I had no light or guide

But the fire that burned inside my chest.

That fire showed me

The way more clearly than the blaze of moon

To where, waiting for me,

Was the One I knew so well.

In that place where no one ever is.

Oh night, sweet guider,

Oh night more marvelous than the dawn!

Oh night which joins

The lover and the beloved

So that the lover and beloved change bodies!

In my chest full of flowers,

Flowering wholly and only for Him,

There He remained sleeping;

I cared for Him there,

And the fan of the high cedars cooled Him.

The wind played with

His hair, and that wind from the high

Towers struck me on the neck

With its sober hand;

Sight, taste, touch, hearing stopped.

I stood still. I forgot who I was,

My face leaning against Him,

Everything stopped, abandoned me,

My worldliness was gone, forgotten.

-St. John of the Cross

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