Let's All Be Nonconformist!

"Let There Be Light" Zion National Park, Utah 2014

I’ve been thinking a lot about nonconformity recently. I think this is because many of my friends are headed to Burning Man at the end of this month, and I wish I was going with them. Maybe it’s because I’m bombarded with Donald Trump saying every offensive thing that comes into his little orangoutang mind, and I’m somewhat impressed by his refusal to apologize for it. Maybe it’s because writing has become a bit insipid as of late, and I long for a verbiage retreat from the unbridled autonomy of capitalism. For whatever reason, I started doing my usual poetry thing this morning — writing a collection of thoughts and word pictures. Then, I wondered what would happen if I went even further away from the strangulation of punctuation and practical verbal sense? Maybe the resulting abstract is nothing spectacular, and in fact, maybe it’s rather juvenile in its execution — like something you’d see in a high school journal. But, maybe that’s okay. Maybe we get too old for non-sense and lose something magical in our adulting. Whatever the case, what I came up with is laid out below, and I’ve gotta say, it was refreshing to create a passage, a poem, a word collection, that served no purpose other than to be different from all my other writing. Read it as one complete piece or read all the different pieces individually as they are highlighted, bolded, italicized, etc. Maybe what’s below won’t ultimately be anything more than an exercise for myself shared with the world. What I hope, however, is that it inspires more nonconformity and challenges others out there to see that there are so many more possibilities than the ones we limit ourselves to, especially in writing.

Ode to Burning Man and Donald Trump

I’ve fallen in love with meteors shooting across the universe

And if I take 15 minutes I believe the rise of EDM has coincided with the rise of social media

All I can see are the lack of possibilities

But I’ve been taught by the world around me; I sometimes start to judge

Only one man and the lack of connection out of my day to someone

Who’s different than me?

Call someone I care about -- some purple haired, tattooed, kilt-wearing girl, then

I realize if things between the younger generations were just slightly different

On this earth that translates to sitting at parties updating less than 1% of Instagram

And Snapchat my entire week, I would be the weird one

Who also fell in love with me?

And I’m suddenly ashamed of myself and I hate that

And instead, I’m so... well, I’m so glad of looking liberal and conservative

Into one another’s eyes don’t tell me I’m not grateful for the nonconformists

But give them molly, democrats and republicans, religious and atheist alike

Screw you all with your worthless political correctness

and your belief in a techno beat; the rebels

It didn’t work out, and they will cuddle puddle themselves and feign you’re so busy

Absolutes into oblivionget back to me

After you’ve written an episode of television but how

would I have grown otherwise you pyramid scheming, steroided-out idiot

Fuck I can’t wait until the day even the law of gravity is challenged and loses

How do we reach the heavens; the ones who dare?

To be different; each day I secretly force myself

To be more like you when we're constantly pruned back to earth by domesticity

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