The Real Thing

"Always" Coachella, California 2016

I never knew what it felt to be alive until I met you. I had experienced life in fits and starts, but always with some string attached. So much of the world loves us for what we represent to them and the moment we choose not to represent that thing or cannot represent it any longer, we fade from their affection. With you, this has never been the case, and no matter how I may evolve as a person, I know this never will be the case. You see me as the being I am, an evolving entity that changes and grows outward while simultaneously rooted in the same spot.

I don’t know how we got to this point. I don’t know how I came to see you as I see no one else in this world. I never thought I could love someone so dearly. At some point your life became as important to me as my own and your well being became my greatest concern.

It still shocks me that you have witnessed me in all the ways you have witnessed me and yet still you look at me with such devotion, no flicker in your eyes that you might run or betray me in any way. What is this truth we share? I believe it is the trust one should feel from one’s family — a binding of assurance that you will always be by my side; even if the world should turn its back, as long as we are both focused on what is right and good, you will still be here.

To say I love you is to put into words something that is beyond comprehension. To say I love you is to try and equate some measurement as to what you mean to me. Yet, a million "I love you's” would still never come close to defining the gift your spirit is to mine. All I can say then is that when everything is complete and my time on this earth is done, I believe you will remain the most real thing I ever experienced.

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