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Calem Collins is a thirty-two-year-old Missouri dairy farmer of few words. But just because he’s quiet doesn't mean he’s simple. In fact, Calem’s internal voice eloquently leads us through his wondrous yet tortured past, his fears for the future of his beleaguered rural world, and his carefully-laid plans to remedy the vicious night call that haunts his present. All he has to do is get through one last day on the farm, then he can free himself of being a straight, white, middle-aged man with nothing in his possession but a gun and a prayer. Inspired by works like James Joyce’s ULYSSES and JD Salinger’s THE CATCHER IN THE RYE, STILL THE NIGHT CALL is a Gothic work of fiction that delves into the quickly diminishing world of Midwestern farmers whose livelihoods have become fodder for politicians and trade wars while their traditional values have become the subject of scorn and culture wars. The result is a struggling farming class whose worth has been reduced to mirthless caricatures and economic dust, and who are turning towards authoritarian radicalization with terrifying speed.

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In 1954, awkward Gwen Hisel falls in love with the affable Willie Barnett on the dusty Oklahoma prairie. What follows is a harsh life for the two youngsters as they struggle to make the best of their difficult circumstances. Twenty years later, Sheila Hisel, daughter of Gwen and Willie, marries Darrel McAllister. But while her parents' love for one another had seen them through tribulation and adversity, Sheila's own marriage crumbles under the strain of hard times. Now, if Sheila's son, Lonnie, ever wants to succeed in love, he must unravel the mysteries of two very different relationships to discover the secret to true happiness.

Spanning three generations, Daisies is a stirring debut novel from a singular talent.